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Colombian Highlights: Luxury Edit

From the vibrant capital city Bogotá to the coffee-growing highlands and the vibrant city of Medellín, all the way to the Caribbean coast for relaxation on beautiful beaches, this luxury Colombian journey hits all the highnotes.


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Colombian Highlights: Luxury Edit

Tour Information

Colombia! Breathtaking landscapes from the Pacific to the Amazon to the Caribbean coast.

An incredibly diverse heritage, the best coffee and the world’s tallest palm trees! This is the “Land of a Thousand Rhythms”, an epicurean delight, the second most biodiverse country on the planet… and we could go on.
This journey of discovery makes for a great introduction to Colombia, a country that’s becoming a model for sustainable tourism. Throughout the tour, you’ll engage in initiatives that contribute to the peacebuilding process as well as support local businesses, communities, guides and conservation efforts in the destinations visited.

View of Bogotá and Monserrate Church
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Where will this journey take you?

Starting in Bogotá, this 13-day luxury Sustainable Journey will see you delve into the country’s intricate journey of conflict and peace evolution, embark on a gastronomic tour and explore the Chingaza National Park before heading to Salento Quindío, your base for exploring the coffee region of Hacienda San Alberto and an unforgettable cloud forest hike in the renowned Cocora Valley. In Medellín, you’ll learn more about the effects of the conflict and the profound social transformation that has earned Colombia global recognition. After climbing “La Piedra”, you’ll go deep into Comuna 13 and meet musicians, artists and dancers. Music is the soul of Colombia and you’ll experience its rich musical heritage wherever you go. For the final leg of the tour, you’ll head to Cartagena, one of South America’s oldest colonial cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and have a final day of pure escapism at Blue Apple Beach. Stay in 3*+ and 5* hotels and guesthouses throughout your stay in this captivating country.

Journey Overview

Day 1 – Welcome to Colombia!
Day 2 – Bogotá City Tour
Day 3 – Day in Chingaza National Park
Day 4- Building Peace through Gastronomy in Bogotá
Day 5 – Day trip to Salento and Cocora Valley
Day 6 – From Seed to cup, exploring coffee excellence at Hacienda San Alberto
Day 7 – Head to Medellín
Day 8 – Day Tour of El Peñol & Guatapé
Day 9 – Tour of Comuna 13
Day 10 – Cartagena “The Pearl of the Caribbean”
Day 11 – Cultural Day Trip to Palenque
Day 12 – Day trip to Blue Apple Beach
Day 13 – Farewell Colombia

What’s Included?
    • Accommodation: 12 nights in 3+ or 5-star hotels or guesthouses
    • Meals: 12 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and snacks and tastings as highlighted in the itinerary
    • Transfers by air, car or minibus as indicated
    • English-speaking, local expert guides as highlighted (days 2 – 11)
    • Activities: Tours & workshops, and entry tickets to attractions as per itinerary

How is this a Sustainable Journey?

Supporting the local economy: This tour encourages travellers to contribute directly into the local communities by supporting local projects and initiatives, experiencing the vast range of Colombian produce, eating at local restaurants, using locally owned activity providers and expert guides. All of the experiences allow for stops in beautiful places and throughout the tour you’ll engage in initiatives that contribute to Colombia’s peacebuilding process as well as support its businesses, communities, guides and conservation efforts in each of the places visited.

Accommodations: Wherever possible we use locally owned and run hotels and guesthouses. You make an impact not only by contributing directly to the local economy but also through meeting the locals and experiencing their hospitality, customs and traditions. The hotels selected for you in Colombia are locally owned and operated, each reflecting Colombia’s rich cultural and built heritage as well as providing a great sense of place through their individual contemporary styles and vibrant designs.

Food and drink: Colombian cuisine has its roots in the indigenous cultures that once inhabited the region and was further influenced by the arrival of the Spanish as well as the African slaves brought here. Colombia is also known for its focus on fresh, local ingredients. During this tour you’ll have the chance to sample many local specialities and experience different flavours and traditional recipes that are localised to their regions, often passed down with the traditional wisdom of many generations. The food supply is shortened in that the produce is locally sourced, grown or gathered in their surrounding landscape, and is freshly prepared and cooked. Whilst all this gives your hosts the opportunity to impart their local knowledge, it also gives you quite different and unique experiences, whilst also ensuring there are no unnecessary food miles.

The places you visit usually offer vegetarian and/or vegan options, and most can accommodate different dietary needs. When you book your trip, you’ll be asked for details of any dietary preferences and requirements, so that your experience can be tailored for you.

Local staff: Your hosts and guides are local people living in the destination. They own, manage or are employed by each hotel, activity provider or tour company, meaning the money paid to them goes directly into the local economy.

What are the Sustainability Challenges?

Transport:  Getting around in Colombia is an experience in itself and using public transport is considered an integral part of any Sustainable Journey. Within Colombia’s cities you will use the local metros, cable cars and trams, and in your free time, you may well make good use of the local bus networks.

However, due to distances involved, as well as the challenging terrain of the country, it has been necessary to include internal flights between Bogota, Quindío, Medellín and Cartagena. All the destinations featured in this tour are located in the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world! In Colombia, the Andes split into three ranges – the Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Central and Cordillera Oriental – and this is where Colombia’s historic towns and cities are located. Interspersed with valleys, plunging canyons and sun baked plateaus, road journeys are long, winding and bumpy. The road conditions vary and can be affected by changing weather conditions. So, for example, whereas the journey between Medellín and Cartagena can take around 12 hours by road, the flight takes just over one hour.  On a two week journey taking in the key destinations of Colombia, flying is considered the best option, giving you a greater amount of time to explore and experience each place.

If you have longer to spend in Colombia, do embrace the experience of using the country’s long distance public transport options where possible. And enjoy the ride!

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Welcome to Colombia

    On arrival at El Dorado International Airport, your personal driver will be waiting to transfer you to the Casa Legado (or similar) in Bogotá, Colombia’s high-altitude capital.

    Nestled along the Andes Mountain Range, Bogotá is at 2,640 meters (8,660 feet) above sea level, the third highest capital city in the world. We therefore recommend taking a day or two to get acclimatised before doing anything too strenuous!

    The family-run Casa Legado is situated in Quinta Camacho, one of Bogota’s premium neighbourhoods, surrounded by some of the city’s best restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops. Works by local artists adorn the hotel and, having established close working relationships with local suppliers, you’ll have the opportunity to try hand-crafted cheeses, chocolate and delicious recipes passed down from Abuela.

    Have dinner at leisure in the hotel restaurant, or a local restaurant of your choice (at your own cost). Plenty of recommendations will be given.

  • Day 2 - Bogotá City Tour

    Start your day with a hearty breakfast in the hotel as today you will be exploring Bogotá and its diverse highlights in the historic cobblestoned centre, including La Candelaria, Chorro Quevedo, Plaza de Bolívar, and the Gold Museum.

    This guided grand tour begins and ends with panoramic views from La Candelaria’s Colonial District, ensuring a comprehensive experience of Bogota’s must-see attractions. Wander along the cobblestone streets of La Candelaria, and discover museums renowned for gold and contemporary art exhibitions.

    Optionally, ascend to a breathtaking viewpoint via cable car, with a chance to shop for handicrafts en route to Plaza de Bolivar. Choose between a cable car or the funicular ride to Monserrate Sanctuary for an unparalleled Bogota overview.

    Lunch will be provided at a local restaurant where you can indulge in Ajiaco Santafereño, a traditional dish with chicken, capers, and three potato varieties.

    Have dinner at leisure in your choice of restaurant (at your own cost).

  • Day 3 - Day in Chingaza National Park

    Have an early breakfast as, in the early hours of this morning, you will be met by your guide and driven to Chingaza National Park, northeast of Bogotá in the Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes.

    On the way, you will be given details of a number of trails from which you can choose to hike according to your fitness levels, ranging from 1.5 hour to three hours. Each trail gives you the opportunity to explore different aspects of the high-altitude ecosystems of the páramo, subpáramo, Andean cloud forest and high Andean ecosystems with their endemic flora and fauna. You may even get to see deer, spectacled bears and condors.

    After a day of revelling in the tranquillity of the Colombian Andes and wandering around the lakes that were once sacred to ancient indigenous cultures, you’ll be transported back to your hotel.

    Have the rest of the afternoon at leisure to explore the surrounding neighbourhood, and have dinner at your choice of restaurant (at your own cost).

  • Day 4 - Building peace through gastronomy in Bogotá

    After breakfast, you’ll embark on a guided gastronomic tour, delving into Colombia’s intricate journey of conflict and peace evolution. Curated with input from academia, artists, change-makers and chefs, you’ll hear their diverse perspectives and gain insights into this complex narrative. This interactive experience engages with a pivotal part of Colombia’s history and present so, whether you’re intrigued by history, politics, culture, or gastronomy, this tour offers something for everyone.

    You’ll begin at Casa de la Paz, a unique project uniting ex-combatants initiatives. Sample craft beer and learn about their journeys. Indulge in a three-course lunch at Salvo Patria, a trailblazing restaurant championing peace-building through innovative culinary approaches.

    By taking part in this tour you’ll be supporting initiatives that contribute to the peacebuilding process, focusing on preserving biodiverse crops across Colombia whilst collaborating with conflict-vulnerable farming communities. Additionally, the tour promotes projects providing opportunities for communities previously involved in conflict-related economies, supporting the transition from war-based enterprise.

    Throughout the day you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Transport to and from your hotel and entry tickets are included, as are food tastings, craft beer tasting, lunch and snacks.

    Please note: This tour is unavailable on Sundays.

    At the end of the tour you’ll be transferred to Bogotá’s airport to take a direct flight to the coffee region.  Your driver will be waiting at the airport to transfer to Hacienda Bambusa (or similar).

    Conserving the traditional architecture style of the Colombian Coffee Region, the house within the Hacienda Bambusa is built out of bamboo and clay. There’s plenty to do in your free time here, from hiking, mountain biking and bird watching to cooking lessons, cacao tasting and a variety of wellness activities.

    Have dinner at leisure in the Hacienda restaurant, where dishes inspired by local produce and ingredients of the region are served, or a nearby restaurant of your choice. Recommendations can be given.

    Flight from Bogota to Salento – Quindio: approx. 158km (98 miles) / duration 58 mins

  • Day 5 - Day Trip to Salento and Cocora Valley

    After breakfast you’ll be picked up at the hotel and driven (about 12km) to the renowned Cocora Valley where, guided by knowledgeable guides, you’ll embark on an unforgettable cloud forest hike.

    Cocora Valley is part of the larger Los Nevados National Natural Park in the Andean Mountains. Boasting a temperate climate, it is renowned for its towering endemic Wax Palms (the national tree and symbol of Colombia), dense cloud forests and diverse biodiversity that collectively form a remarkably rich ecosystem, truly worthy of exploration and trekking.

    Accompanied by a seasoned mountain guide, your adventure starts with a picturesque drive along a tranquil countryside road leading to the entrance of the valley. As you begin your journey on the outskirts of the forest, you’ll witness the impact of cattle grazing on the ecosystem, which has left the impressive Wax Palms standing amidst grass pastures.

    Progressing further, you’ll transition from the cattle lands into a remarkably diverse ecosystem where the Wax Palms thrive naturally. This dense forest thrives on the abundant water condensed by the frequent mountain fog. The humidity, coupled with this unique weather pattern, nurtures an array of orchids and bromeliads that adorn the branches of trees above—so remember to cast your gaze upwards!

    Depending on your pace, your hike will lead you to either La Montaña or extend deeper into Acaime where you’ll have the opportunity to spot vibrant hummingbirds and possibly other remarkable birds such as the Barranquero.

    Along your hike, you’ll enjoy rejuvenating snacks and a hearty lunch before being transported back to the hotel.

    Dinner can be taken at your own leisure at the hotel or in your choice of restaurant (at own cost). Plenty of recommendations will be given.

  • Day 6 - From seed to cup, exploring coffee excellence at Hacienda San Alberto

    As South America’s second-largest coffee exporter, Colombia is a great destination for anyone on the hunt for the best coffee in the world. So with that in mind, after breakfast, you’ll embark on a journey to the haven of Colombia’s most acclaimed coffee at Hacienda San Alberto, where you’ll relish a coffee-tasting experience amid the breathtaking environs of Buenavista.

    On the one-hour journey from Salento to Hacienda San Alberto you’ll pass through picturesque towns and landscapes of the Quindío region. While the route may vary, typically you’ll drive through or near towns such as Armenia and Circasia, both known for their charm, local culture and beautiful surroundings.

    At the Hacienda you’ll get to unravel the coffee saga from seed to cup, learning about the diverse species, planting techniques and harvest methods all whilst wandering through the coffee plants. You’ll then get to observe the coffee production process, delving into the drying and roasting intricacies and understanding their flavour nuances. Progressing to the Lab, you’ll meet the coffee connoisseurs who assess the coffee batches for top-tier quality, uncover their tasting techniques and comprehend the aroma, body and taste of some of the world’s best coffee, all the while enjoying the surrounding panoramic vistas and the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

    Lunch will be provided here amongst beautiful surroundings and the sound of birds.

    Having learnt how to discern excellence from mediocrity, you’ll return to your hotel for an evening at leisure. Enjoy dinner at the restaurant of your choice (at your own cost).

  • Day 7 - Head to Medellín

    After breakfast, you’ll be transferred from the hotel to the airport for your 10.55am flight to Medellín.

    Also known as Las Manzanas de Oro (The Golden Apples), Medellín – Colombia’s second city – is located in the Aburrá Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains.

    Your driver will be waiting at the airport to transfer you to the Hotel Quinta Ladera (or similar). The Quinta Ladera is a small boutique hotel, well located on a quiet street just a few minutes’ walk from the bustling Poblado district where you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. Built on a philosophy of “community, sustainability and good taste”, Quinta Ladera’s rooms have been designed by local artisans and the walls are adorned with the works of a distinguished group of local artists.

    A refreshing snack will be provided during the afternoon, but you may want to make time for lunch, either at the hotel or at one of the many local restaurants (at own cost) as, at 2pm, you’ll be off with a local guide to immerse yourself in Medellin’s history and find out why “We Don’t Talk About Pablo”!

    This tour gives a comprehensive overview of the ‘narco’ era. Through the diverse perspectives of Medellín’s locals, you’ll gain insights into how the city navigated its tumultuous past, the factors that paved the way for its revival, and the influence of the cocaine boom on politics, armed conflicts, social norms and even fashion. “We Don’t Talk About Pablo” offers a unique experience, exploring the deep wounds left behind and how they have been instrumental in shaping resilience and catalysing a profound social transformation.

    Your tour culminates at the Memory House Museum where your guide will provide a thought-provoking conclusion. Created by victims of the Colombian armed conflict who sought a space for peacebuilding through community, artistic and cultural activities, the Memory House contributes to overcoming the conflict and violence in Medellin and the country.

    But the journey needn’t end here! An optional add-on to the day is a trip to the Manrique Oriental area of Medellín for a vibrant street carnival led by Barrio Comparsa. Created by four victims of the conflict, this social enterprise employs performance arts, theatre, music, and dance to mend the social fabric of communities divided by the invisible boundaries shaped, in part, by the narcotics trade.

    Throughout the day you’ll travel around the city and to Barrio Comparsa by metro and cable car.

    After the carnival, you’ll be taken back to your hotel. If you didn’t eat at the street carnival, have dinner at leisure at the restaurant of your choice (at own cost).

    Flight from Salento to Medellín:   approx. 250 km (155 miles) / duration 45 mins


  • Day 8 - Day Tour of El Peñol & Guatapé

    Enjoy a hearty breakfast before departing at around 9.00 am for a full day’s activities involving culture, stunning views and a real deal experience.

    Today’s tour will take you to one of Colombia’s must-see attractions: the massive rock La Piedra de Guatapé, or simply La Piedra (The Stone). A one-and-a-half hour drive east of Medellín, the rock is located right next to the Peñol-Guatapé Dam, near the border of the towns Guatapé and El Peñol. You’ll be breathless after climbing the 649 stairs (there are resting places along the way) – not only because of the hike but also the astonishing view!

    As soon as you arrive, you can start the hike up to the top of La Piedra, where you’ll have time to relax and marvel at the panoramic view over the beautiful lake. On the small platform, you’ll be able to buy a snack and cold beverage as well as souvenirs from the local vendors.

    Back at the bottom, you’ll have a closer look at the environment and capture its beauty from different perspectives. You will also get to hear the story about the letters G and U imprinted on the north face of the rock, telling us about two cities claiming La Piedra as their own.

    The next part of the tour includes a visit to the colourful town of Guatapé. Walking down the cobblestone streets of this laid-back village, admire the decorative panels at the base of the houses. In Guatapé you’ll also get a delicious lunch in one of the nicest traditional restaurants with the best local ingredients.

    After a good hike and a walk through the town of Guatapé, you’ll be taken back to Medellín.

    Dinner can be taken at your own leisure at the hotel or in your choice of restaurant (at your own cost). Plenty of recommendations will be given.

  • Day 9 - Tour of Comuna 13

    Today you’ll go deep into Comuna 13 (also called San Javier) and meet a collective of hip-hop artists who have helped transform this resilient community through reconnection to their African roots in music, dance, and creativity. Wrapped around the western hills of the city, you’ll see how important art is to this community. Once Medellin’s most dangerous district, today, Comuna 13 is a global symbol of transformation.

    With a local artist as your guide, you’ll venture into its lesser-visited corners to meet the artists, musicians, and dancers behind it all, hear their stories first hand and witness how, through hip-hop, they’ve gone back to their African roots and rhythms to redefine what Comuna 13 is to Medellin, Colombia, and the world.

    You’ll enjoy lunch at Berracas 13, a unique women-owned restaurant where exotic flavours and dishes from the Colombian Pacific coast are served.

    The funds of this tour support the Son Batá, a foundation dedicated to creating alternative activities to the violence and gang context through music and dance with a mix between Afro Colombian culture and the urban environment for kids and teenagers. Other social groups from Comuna 13 also contribute to the tour, such as the women-led gastronomic initiative that provides delicious snacks to visitors.

    After the tour, you will be taken back to your hotel. Dinner can be taken at the restaurant of your choice (at your own cost).

  • Day 10 - Cartagena "The Pearl of the Caribbean"

    After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to the airport for your flight to Cartagena, where you will be met and transferred to the boutique Ananda Hotel (or similar), a restored 16th-century colonial house in the heart of the walled city.

    One of South America’s oldest colonial cities, Cartagena (or Cartagena de Indias) brings together lush green landscapes, vivid nightlife, fascinating cultural festivals, and colonial architecture to create a perfect holiday destination. In 1984, the walled city and fortress were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    At 2:00 pm you will embark on the Cartagena City Tour, a guided walking tour of the walled city. Your guide will provide insights into Cartagena’s past and present as you visit iconic landmarks such as the Clock Tower and the statue of Don Pedro de Heredia, the city’s founder, discovering hidden corners of the historical centre.

    During the walking tour, you’ll note the myriad of diverse architectural influences, including Romanesque, Moorish, Colonial, Military, Arabic, Spanish and North American which have collectively shaped modern-day Cartagena. Along the route, you’ll also traverse the Parque de Bolivar, situated in front of the exquisite Palace of the Inquisition – one of the city’s most splendid edifices. Another highlight is the San Pedro Claver Square, a tribute to the Spanish-born priest known as the “Slave of the Slaves” due to his devoted care for African slaves who were brought to the Spanish colonies.

    Your exploration wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the colourful, vibrant Getsemaní district. Renowned by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s trendiest neighbourhoods, the party vibe here continues well into the early hours.  You’ll find the streets, with their vivid murals, lined with lively pizzerias, stalls and bistros serving traditional Colombian staples. Listen to street musicians whilst snacking on arepas – delicious corn cakes that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepared with many different types of fillings or toppings.

    You will be provided with bottled water for the tour, whilst lunch and dinner can be taken at leisure at your hotel or a restaurant of your choice (at your own cost).

    Flight from Medellín to Cartagena: approx. 476 km (296 miles) / duration 1 hour 10 mins

  • Day 11 - Cultural Day to Palenque

    After breakfast you’ll be driven to the vibrant community of San Basilio de Palenque for a day of cultural exploration, accompanied by an expert guide well-versed in the town’s history and culture.

    The first free town in the Americas, Palenque was founded by Benkos Biohó, an African man who once endured the shackles of slavery. This vibrant settlement emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment, providing sanctuary for those escaping the horrors of enslavement.

    Rooted in African heritage, Palenque’s rich history showcases the unyielding power of the human spirit as it flourished into a haven of culture, unwavering traditions, and a legacy that continues to inspire. Recognised as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site, Palenque’s story exemplifies triumph over adversity and the celebration of African heritage in the New World.

    As you explore the town, you’ll be greeted by locals eager to share their stories and traditions. One of the highlights of this experience is the chance to meet some of Palenque’s most esteemed musicians whose melodies resonate with the town’s very soul. Delve into the distinctive rhythms and instruments, a harmonious expression of the town’s resilience and creativity.

    The other main highlight of the day is the gastronomic journey you’ll be taking as you indulge in typical local dishes that unveil the secrets of Palenque’s time-honoured culinary traditions, savouring the same recipes that have been cherished through the generations. You will be served a lunch that captures the very essence of Palenque’s culinary heritage.

    Your participation in this tour makes a meaningful contribution to the community of Palenque, by supporting the merchants in the market, fostering an enduring bond between you and the resilient souls who have shaped Palenque’s narrative. Through meaningful engagement with global travellers, they not only share but also safeguard their invaluable customs and wisdom, serving as custodians of their cultural heritage and their local traditions.

    Before bidding farewell to this captivating haven, you will be given a local souvenir as a token of remembrance, encapsulating the spirit of Palenque.


  • Day 12 - Day Trip to Blue Apple Beach

    Today is all about pure escapism at the “happiest hotel in the Caribbean”.

    After breakfast, you will take a speedboat trip to Blue Apple Beach, a hidden island gem nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean. Just a 30-minute journey from Cartagena, this idyllic haven offers an escape from the city’s bustle and heat, where life revolves around delectable cuisine, refreshing tropical beverages, a meticulously curated soundtrack, and an unending vista of turquoise hues.

    Soak up the sun on a beachside lounger, immerse yourself in the pristine Caribbean waters and indulge in luxurious massages. There are plenty of other activities too, including diving, water sports and horse riding – the best way to see the whole island.

    A sumptuous lunch with refreshing soft drinks is included, with everything made to order from fresh, seasonal ingredients, speciality and artisanal products sourced from local suppliers, with the majority coming from the nearby Turbaco region. The hotel practices sustainable fishing and does not serve any at-risk or endangered marine species. They even make their own goat’s cheese, bread, pasta and yoghurt.

    Blue Apple Beach was designed as an escape from the daily grind but is as dedicated to creating both environmental and social impact as it is to outstanding hospitality. Committed to improving the lives of the residents of Bocachica, a community on an undeveloped island, the hotel formed a non-profit organisation called Green Apple to unite several hotels and restaurants in the region in developing sustainability.

  • Day 13 - Farewell Colombia

    Check-out of your hotel and take your private transfer to the airport for your departure. Today, you will bid farewell to Colombia with cherished memories of an extraordinary journey filled with cultural delights, natural wonders and unforgettable adventures.

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