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Travel Partner: Path Net Zero

Sustainable Journeys is proud to announce our partnership with Path Net Zero, whose online platform helps us to calculate the carbon emissions for every aspect of our journeys, from hotel stays to local meals, transport, and more.

Path Net Zero provides organisations, including Sustainable Journeys, with a simple, intuitive solution to measure travel, stay, activity, and dining carbon emissions in one streamlined platform.

Through a technology-driven, data-certified carbon emissions calculator built exclusively for companies, including travel and hospitality providers, we enable organisations to accurately and precisely calculate the carbon footprint of travel arrangements.

Path Net Zero: Carbon Impact Corrections

From transport (air, land, and sea) through to hotels, food, and events we ensure that our partners not only have the tools to build the best environmental itineraries but to also measure the impact and help you as their customers to understand the carbon-emissions impact of your travel.

Qualified data enables companies to actively participate in the sponsorship of world-leading Gold Standard programmes based on the emissions of the travel they arrange. This is more than just offsetting emissions, this is about supporting tangible qualities of life, progress, and futures for developing countries, communities, and environments. In a separate section, we will share more about Gold Standard and their work that embraces Fair Trade principles.

In the case of Sustainable Journeys, a significant 3% of the price of your travel arrangements is donated by Sustainable Journeys to support Gold Standard projects.

Our Verified Emission Reduction portfolio is comprehensive, tailored and supports 70% of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through projects in 15 countries.

Our objective is to have an immediate and measurable positive impact on the global climate crisis using innovative technology to accurately measure and reduce your carbon emissions by supporting world-leading eco-projects.