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Do Labels Matter in Sustainability?

Call it what you will – green, eco, responsible or sustainable travel – we want to know that everything we’re doing, where we’re staying and what we’re eating is not having a detrimental impact on the beautiful places we’re visiting. We also want to know that our time spent in the destination will contribute directly to the local economy and benefit its communities.

Go Urban, Go Green: Sustainable City Breaks

Is it possible to have your city break abroad and still be a responsible traveller? Laura Gelder looks for ways to go green on an urban holiday. Gone are the days when we can feel smug for hopping on a low cost carrier on a Friday night after work (mini bottle of warm Prosecco in hand), spending the weekend in another country’s capital – exploring, bar-crawling, eating exciting food – and popping back in time for work on Monday morning.

Community Tourism: Get Involved

The phrase ‘community tourism’ is increasingly heard in travel, but what does it actually mean? Community tourism needs to relate to localised ownership of a project or property, to fair pay, to gender equality, to the maintenance of traditional culture (unadulterated and not simply performed in song and dance shows), and to ecological integrity.

5 Places to Visit for Animal Conservation

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the heart of animal conservation as we unveil the top five destinations that promise a transformative experience for both wildlife enthusiasts and nature advocates alike. From the lush rainforests of Borneo to the breathtaking biodiversity of Costa Rica, the mystic allure of Thailand, the untamed wilderness of Malawi, and the awe-inspiring savannas of Uganda, each destination beckons with its unique charm and dedication to preserving the planet’s most extraordinary creatures.

Sustainable Horizons: Lonely Planet

Global travel authority Lonely Planet has unveiled its annual hotlist of trending destinations for the coming year. To mark its 50th anniversary, Best in Travel 2024 has expanded from the top 10 best cities, countries, and regions to include two new categories of best value and best sustainable destinations, recognising a total of 50 locations across the globe offering amazing experiences to enjoy in 2024.