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Travel Partner: Path Net Zero

Sustainable Journeys is proud to announce our partnership with Path Net Zero, whose online platform helps us to calculate the carbon emissions for every aspect of our journeys, from hotel stays to local meals, transport, and more. Path Net Zero provides organisations with a simple, intuitive solution to measure carbon emissions and correct them in one streamlined platform.

Travel Partner: Awake Travel

Sustainable Journeys is pleased to appoint Awake Travel as our local partner for Colombia. For over a decade, Awake Travel has been at the forefront of sustainable and eco-friendly travel in Colombia, offering unique experiences that not only showcase the natural beauty of the country, but also contribute positively to local communities.

Green Adventures Across Finland

‘Everybody is connected to nature in Finland because everything is,’ Antti Harkonen, founder of a kayaking and adventure travel outfit says as he shows me where some of Scandinavia’s finest city kayaking routes kick off at Tampere’s Soutukeskus Venesatama (Rowing Centre). While the view north is towards the tree-flanked skyline of the country’s second city even, the panorama west pans out to Pyhäjärvi – one of the two vast snaking lakes bounding Tampere and a scene of island-flecked cobalt waters, conifer-clad shores and emptiness that seems to be Finland’s de facto late-summer vista whichever way you venture.

Helsinki and its Islands: The Perfect Natural Retreat

Helsinki, the picturesque capitol city of Finland, is known for its rugged and extensive coastal stretches along the Baltic Sea – all within easy reach of urban spaces. These beaches and rocky promenades are particularly popular with walkers. One of the best paths starts in Helsinki’s Market Square and follows the coast to Lölyly, which is not only famous for its sauna and for being the first FSC building in Finland.