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Green Adventures Across Finland

‘Everybody is connected to nature in Finland because everything is,’ Antti Harkonen, founder of a kayaking and adventure travel outfit says as he shows me where some of Scandinavia’s finest city kayaking routes kick off at Tampere’s Soutukeskus Venesatama (Rowing Centre). While the view north is towards the tree-flanked skyline of the country’s second city even, the panorama west pans out to Pyhäjärvi – one of the two vast snaking lakes bounding Tampere and a scene of island-flecked cobalt waters, conifer-clad shores and emptiness that seems to be Finland’s de facto late-summer vista whichever way you venture.

Helsinki and its Islands: The Perfect Natural Retreat

Helsinki, the picturesque capitol city of Finland, is known for its rugged and extensive coastal stretches along the Baltic Sea – all within easy reach of urban spaces. These beaches and rocky promenades are particularly popular with walkers. One of the best paths starts in Helsinki’s Market Square and follows the coast to Lölyly, which is not only famous for its sauna and for being the first FSC building in Finland.

Too many footprints

Concerned about the impact of over-tourism on the globe’s most popular destinations? Here’s how to find alternative, more sustainable ways to experience them. The ‘leave nothing but footprints’ ethos might have gained traction over the last few decades but – as recent incidents in over touristed destinations such as Venice, Barcelona and beyond are teaching us – even footprints can be too much.

Q&A – The Tallink Silja Line – Navigating Baltic Sustainability

Some question the sustainability of ferry operations, and in this case mini-cruise too, but let’s hear from Tallink Silja Line about the incredible, diverse and broad policies and actions they are taking to protect the Baltic Sea, the environment, marine life and the places they operate: Estonia, Finland, Aland and Sweden. Here is Sustainable Journeys Q&A with Olga Vanbergen of Tallink Silja Line.

Empowering Communities: The Transformative Impact of the Best Tourism Villages Initiative

The Best Tourism Villages initiative by UN Tourism, formerly known as the World Tourism Organization, is a significant step in the evolution of sustainable and rural tourism. Launched in 2021, this innovative programme aims to identify, recognise, and promote villages that exemplify the principles of sustainability, cultural richness, and community involvement in tourism.

Water’s healing power sustains Finland’s body and soul

It’s seven in the evening, early July, and I’m sitting on a jetty on the edge of a lake in eastern Finland, dressed only in a towel around my waist. Occasionally an agreeable waft of birch wood smoke drifts over my head from the sauna, located at the top of a short flight of wooden steps. The lake is settling into a glassy mirror, but the sun is still high in the warm northern sky.