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Respect Marquette County: Sustainable Tourism in Action

In the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula lies Marquette County, a hidden gem where the splendour of dense forests, tranquil lakes, and quaint historic towns converge. This idyllic destination has long beckoned travellers with its promise of adventure and cultural richness. However, as its popularity as a tourist hotspot grows, so does the need for sustainable and respectful tourism practices.

A rich food history and bright, sustainable future for Marquette, Michigan

Let’s not start talking about Marquette, Michigan’s robust, innovative farm-to-table scene without first establishing a shared lexicon—we need to pin down words like tenacity, grit, and maybe even gumption. This is the language that captures what it’s like to stare down a growing season strangled by epic winters, the supply chain challenges of living three hours off the nearest interstate, and still have the farmer’s audacity to say…