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Too many footprints

Concerned about the impact of over-tourism on the globe’s most popular destinations? Here’s how to find alternative, more sustainable ways to experience them. The ‘leave nothing but footprints’ ethos might have gained traction over the last few decades but – as recent incidents in over touristed destinations such as Venice, Barcelona and beyond are teaching us – even footprints can be too much.

Q&A – The Tallink Silja Line – Navigating Baltic Sustainability

Some question the sustainability of ferry operations, and in this case mini-cruise too, but let’s hear from Tallink Silja Line about the incredible, diverse and broad policies and actions they are taking to protect the Baltic Sea, the environment, marine life and the places they operate: Estonia, Finland, Aland and Sweden. Here is Sustainable Journeys Q&A with Olga Vanbergen of Tallink Silja Line.

Empowering Communities: The Transformative Impact of the Best Tourism Villages Initiative

The Best Tourism Villages initiative by UN Tourism, formerly known as the World Tourism Organization, is a significant step in the evolution of sustainable and rural tourism. Launched in 2021, this innovative programme aims to identify, recognise, and promote villages that exemplify the principles of sustainability, cultural richness, and community involvement in tourism.