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Jersey, Naturally

Embark on an 11-day discovery of Jersey, tailored for those who cherish both natural beauty and sustainability.


11 days

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Jersey, Naturally

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Discover the enchanting island of Jersey, nestled off the coast of France and only a 1 hour flight from the UK.

Here, sustainability harmonises with a rich tapestry of nature, heritage, history, culture, and cuisine. Jersey offers responsible travellers a unique blend of attractions, providing a diversity of environmentally responsible, authentic experiences and a relaxed, slow pace to really unwind.

Jersey’s natural landscapes are breathtakingly diverse, from the rugged cliffs of the north coast to the golden sandy beaches of St. Brelade’s Bay. The island’s commitment to conservation is evident in its well-maintained coastal paths and wildlife protections. Visitors can delve into the island’s varied ecosystems through guided eco-tours such as bird watching at the National Trust for Jersey Wetland Centre or low-tide walks at Grouville Bay, unveiling the fascinating marine life of Jersey’s tidal zones.

The island’s rich heritage and history are celebrated through its castles, museums, and historical sites. La Hougue Bie, one of Europe’s most impressive prehistoric monuments, offers a window into the Neolithic age, while the Jersey War Tunnels tell the poignant story of the island’s occupation during the Second World War. These sites are meticulously maintained, with a focus on preserving their integrity and educational value for future generations.

Jersey’s vibrant culture is showcased through its festivals and events that highlight local traditions and craftsmanship. Artisans across the island use sustainable practices to create products that reflect Jersey’s cultural richness, such as the handcrafted goods found at La Faîs’sie d’Cidre and Lé Nièr Beurre. Food enthusiasts will relish Jersey’s culinary scene, deeply rooted in the farm-to-table philosophy. From some of the UK’s largest oyster beds in Grouville Bay to the rich dairy products from Jersey Dairy cow herds, the island’s cuisine reflects its fertile lands and maritime heritage.

Corbière Lighthouse, Jersey
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Where will this journey take you?

On this 11-day journey, you’ll explore Jersey responsibly and sustainably, with a bus pass included for the duration of your stay. Highlights include a scenic 4-hour e-bike tour of Jersey’s West Coast, including Corbière Lighthouse and Beauport Bay, a bird-watching tour and a guided marine conservation walk, a visit to the tranquil La Mare Wine Estate, a day trip to Guernsey, and so much more!

Journey Overview

Day 1 – Arrive in Jersey
Day 2 – Explore Jersey with a Bus Pass
Day 3 – Guided E-bike Tour of the West Coast
Day 4 – Low Tide Walk
Day 5 – Bird Watching Tour
Day 6 – La Mare Wine Estate Tour and Tasting
Day 7 – St. Helier Cultural Walk
Day 8 – Visit La Hougue Bie Museum
Day 9 – Longueville Manor Garden Tour and Afternoon Tea
Day 10 – Day Trip to Guernsey
Day 11 – Departure from Jersey


What’s Included?
  • Return ferry crossing from Poole to Jersey
  • Accommodation: 10 nights
  • Meals: 10 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 7 dinners
  • 7-day bus pass for unlimited travel across the island
  • Activities: A visit to Samarès Manor on day 2, a guided electric bike tour on day 3, a low tide walk led by marine experts on day 4, a bird-watching experience on day 5, sustainable wine tasting at the La Mare Wine Estate on day 6, a cultural heritage walking tour in St. Helier on day 7, a visit the La Hougue Bie Museum on day 8, a visit to Longueville Manor on day 9, and a day trip to Guernsey on day 10.
What’s not included?
  • Beverages are not included, except for meals where wine or cider tastings are specifically mentioned
  • Entrance fees to certain attractions and personal expenses are not covered
  • Pre or post-tour accommodation
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned as ‘included’
  • Any services not specified in the itinerary
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal experiences
Optional extras:
  • Additional activities such as cooking classes focusing on local cuisine, kayaking tours, and heritage trails are available but not included in the base price
  • Personalised guided tours and private transfers can be arranged upon request

How is this a Sustainable Journey?

Supporting the local economy: Jersey’s attractions, restaurants, and shops mainly comprise small to medium-sized enterprises that are often family-owned, contributing significantly to the local economy. By visiting these places, such as the La Mare Wine Estate and local artisan shops in St. Helier, you’re directly supporting Jersey’s inhabitants and helping to sustain vibrant community life. The island’s tourism strategy focuses on promoting sustainable practices that prevent over-tourism, ensuring that your visit contributes positively to maintaining the island’s economic and social health.

Food and drink: Emphasising Jersey’s farm-to-table practice, the culinary experiences on this tour feature locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Jersey is renowned for its quality produce, including Jersey Royals (potatoes), fresh seafood, and dairy products from the famed Jersey cows. Restaurants selected for this tour, like those in the fishing village of Rozel or the country-style eateries in Grouville, highlight traditional Jersey recipes alongside modern dishes that showcase the island’s gastronomic heritage. This approach not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transport but also enhances your dining experience with the freshest flavours available.

Resources and inclusivity: The sustainability of resources is a cornerstone of Jersey’s tourism offerings. Attractions and facilities, including heritage sites like La Hougue Bie Museum and Jersey War Tunnels, are managed to conserve energy and reduce waste. These sites meet high standards of inclusivity, ensuring accessibility for all visitors. The commitment extends beyond the physical to include educational programmes that raise awareness about environmental conservation and historic preservation. This holistic approach to sustainability ensures that your visit is both enjoyable and ethically sound.

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Jersey

    Begin your sustainable journey to Jersey with a ferry crossing from Poole, a quieter and more environmentally friendly approach to travel when compared with air travel. Upon landing, a shuttle coach will transfer you to your accommodation. Settle into your hotel and enjoy your first evening on this charming island.

  • Day 2 - Discover Jersey by bus

    Explore Jersey at your own pace with a 7-day bus pass. Start your day with a visit to the bustling markets in St. Helier, where local vendors sell fresh, organic produce. Spend your afternoon wandering through the lush, manicured gardens of Samarès Manor, a testament to sustainable gardening practices with their bee hive hub and Jersey wild flower hub. The evening offers a chance to enjoy a local dinner at a restaurant specialising in dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

  • Day 3 - West Coast e-bike adventure

    Gear up for a guided electric bike tour along the dramatic west coast of Jersey. This 4-hour ride takes you through breathtaking landscapes, from the rugged cliffs near Corbière Lighthouse to the serene stretches of Beauport Bay. Learn about the island’s efforts in coastal conservation and the role of renewable energy in preserving these landscapes. End your day with a sunset view from St. Ouen’s Bay, a perfect backdrop for eco-minded travellers. Perhaps drop into Faulkner Fisheries to enjoy a beachside BBQ of locally caught seafood, breathe in the sea air, and allow yourself to relax in the ruggedly beautiful surroundings.

  • Day 4 - Exploring marine biodiversity at low tide

    Join a fascinating low-tide walk guided by marine experts who will unveil the rich biodiversity of Jersey’s tidal pools. This exploration offers a glimpse into the marine ecosystems that thrive under extreme conditions. The tour not only educates but also highlights the importance of conservation efforts in these vulnerable habitats. Wrap up the day with a casual beachfront meal, enjoying fresh seafood that adheres to sustainable fishing practices.

  • Day 5 - Bird watching with a conservationist

    Spend your day with ornithologist Neil Singleton, who will lead you through some of Jersey’s prime bird-watching locales. This experience is designed to give insights into local and migratory bird species and their habitats, emphasising the importance of preserving these environments. This engaging tour combines leisure with learning and is ideal for those passionate about avian conservation.

  • Day 6 - Sustainable wine tasting at La Mare Wine Estate

    Discover the sustainable viticulture at La Mare Wine Estate. Tour the vineyards to see how organic practices are implemented, then visit the distillery where Jersey’s traditional Black Butter is made. Taste a selection of wines and ciders that reflect the terroir of the region, all produced with an eye towards sustainability and local heritage.

  • Day 7 - Cultural heritage walk in St. Helier

    Delve into the historic streets of St. Helier on a guided walk that reveals the capital’s rich past and vibrant present. Learn about the architectural evolution of the city, the significance of its maritime history, and the conservation efforts that protect these cultural landmarks. The tour also includes visits to local artisans showcasing traditional and sustainable crafts.

  • Day 8 - Prehistoric insights at La Hougue Bie

    Visit La Hougue Bie Museum, one of Europe’s most significant prehistoric sites. Explore a Neolithic passage grave and a medieval church, and learn about the archaeological methods that help preserve these ancient structures. The museum’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its educational programmes and conservation techniques.

  • Day 9 - Longueville Manor's sustainable luxury

    Experience sustainable luxury at Longueville Manor. Tour the manor’s organic gardens, learn about their farm-to-table philosophy, and enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea made from the estate’s own produce. This day combines relaxation with environmental consciousness, set in one of Jersey’s most beautiful estates, spanning 18-acres.

  • Day 10 - A day in Guernsey

    Embark on a day trip to Guernsey, just over an hour away by fast ferry. As the second largest Channel Island, Guernsey offers stunning scenery, from rugged coastal cliffs to serene beaches, and a vibrant cultural life in the bustling harbour town of St. Peter Port. Here, architectural marvels tell stories of the island’s historical evolution, while bistros, boutiques, and restaurants vie for your attention. Explore the rural charm of the island through inspiring cliff-path walks or relax on its beautiful beaches.

  • Day 11 - Departure

    Reflect on your experiences as you prepare for departure. A shuttle coach will take you to the ferry port, where you’ll embark on your return journey to Poole, filled with memories of a truly sustainable adventure in Jersey.

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