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Hansa Hotell, Tartu, Estonia

Discover the allure of Estonia at Hansa Hotell, where historic charm and modern luxury converge to offer travellers an exceptional stay in the heart of this Baltic gem.

Hansa Hotell, Tartu, Estonia

About Hansa Hotell, Tartu, Estonia

A cosy hotel with a historical atmosphere awaits you in Tartu. Affordable prices, good service and unique interior. The history of the building goes back to 1870 – originally the building was a horse stable made of red bricks. Hansa Hotell is perfect for both business and leisure trips, offering traditional Estonian taste experiences in the Hansa Tall tavern. The original red brick walls have been preserved on one side of the tavern, the interior is furnished with luxurious manor-style furniture and supplemented with genuine Estonian details that create the feeling of an old museum.

In the summer period, visitors can sit in the flower-filled courtyard or on the sun terrace, separated from the noise of the city with a fountain, and enjoy a theatre performance or live music in addition to good food.

Hotel Hansa Hotell, Tartu, Estonia

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Hansa Hotell, Tartu, Estonia

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Hotel Hansa Hotell, Tartu, Estonia

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