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Discover Latvia’s allure with enchanting landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Immerse yourself in historic cities, savour authentic cuisine, and explore hidden gems in picturesque countryside.


About Latvia

Step into Latvia, a land where timeless traditions blend seamlessly with breathtaking landscapes. Nestled in the heart of the Baltics, Latvia invites you to explore its enchanting mix of historic charm and natural wonders. Wander through the cobbled streets of Riga, where medieval architecture whispers tales of the past, and then venture into the untouched beauty of its countryside.

Why Latvia? It’s a tapestry of diverse experiences— from the vibrant cultural scene to the tranquillity of pristine lakes and lush forests. Indulge in the warmth of Latvian hospitality and savour authentic cuisine that tells the story of generations.

In this Baltic jewel, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Latvia’s commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that your journey leaves a positive impact. Immerse yourself in a destination where every moment is an opportunity to connect with nature, history, and the genuine spirit of Latvia.


Welcome to Latvia: Where sustainability shapes every experience.

Discover a destination where the commitment to sustainability isn’t a choice; it’s woven into the very essence of Latvian identity. The beauty of the landscapes, the richness of the culture are not just treasures to be admired , but legacies to be preserved.

Preserving the past, embracing the future: As you navigate the cobblestone streets of Riga, the historic capital, you’re not just stepping into the past; you’re partaking in a dedication to preserving history. Sustainability, is about honouring the country’s roots while ensuring a thriving future. Latvia’s cities are living testaments to this commitment, where medieval architecture and modern conservation efforts harmoniously coexist.

Moreover, Latvia takes great pride in the meticulous restoration of old manors and palaces, transforming them into cultural gems that serve as more than just architectural marvels. These meticulously preserved structures now find new life as boutique hotels, enchanting spas, and vibrant cultural hubs. This innovative approach not only safeguards a rich heritage but also contributes to sustainability by repurposing historical landmarks into modern, functional spaces. By seamlessly blending the past with the present, Latvia embraces a sustainable future where the echoes of history resonate through every cobbled street and carefully restored edifice, offering a unique and enriching experience for visitors and locals alike.

Nature’s bounty, our responsibility: Latvia’s charm extends far beyond urban charm. The country’s untouched landscapes, from pristine lakes to dense forests, showcase nature’s wonders in their purest form. Sustainability isn’t a buzzword here; it’s a pledge to safeguard these treasures. Every traveller is a custondian of the environment, contributing to the well-being of the land and the communities that call it home.

Cultural riches, local empowerment: In Latvia, sustainability isn’t solely about the environment; it’s also about nurturing the cultural heritage and supporting local communities. Every cultural gem you explore, every hidden corner you uncover, contributes to the livelihoods of the Latvian people. Responsible tourism is a powerful force for good, creating a positive impact that resonates far beyond the duration of your visit.

Experiences that transcend: Your journey in Latvia isn’t just a series of picturesque moments; it’s a tapestry of experiences shaped by sustainability. From the warm embrace of Latvian hospitality to the authenticity of Latvian cuisine, every encounter is an opportunity to connect with the genuine spirit of Latvia. Sustainability enhances your adventure, making each step more meaningful and each memory more profound.

A shared commitment: Latvia invites you to become more than a traveller; be a conscious explorer, a guardian of Latvia’s magic. Every choice you make, every path you traverse, contributes to a collective effort to build a sustainable and vibrant future. Latvia isn’t just a destination; it’s a shared commitment to preserving the extraordinary for generations to come.

Embark on a journey where every experience is a testament to sustainability—where past, present, and future coalesce in a harmonious dance. Welcome to Latvia, where your adventure leaves a lasting legacy.

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Quick Facts

When to Visit Sustainably

Spring: Witness the awakening of nature in the pristine Gauja National Park and attend the colourful Riga Restaurant Week.
Summer: Enjoy sun-soaked days at Jūrmala's sandy beaches and partake in the magical Midsummer celebrations. Autumn: Explore the vibrant foliage in Sigulda and savour Latvia's bountiful harvest at local markets.
Winter: Experience the charm of Riga's Christmas markets and embrace the serene tranquility of snowy landscapes.

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How to Get There: Fast / Slow

Fast: Flights from London to Latvia take approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes
Slow: You can get the train, or train + ferry from London to Latvia, this adventure takes approximately 4 days with lots of different routes available



Tipping Etiquette

In Latvia, tipping is generally appreciated but not obligatory. It is customary to round up the bill to the nearest euro or leave a tip of around 5-10% for good service. In cafes and casual settings, rounding up is common, while in upscale restaurants, a slightly higher tip may be expected for excellent service.

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Sustainable Highlights

  • Baltic Trails

    Baltic Trails, particularly in Latvia, offer an enchanting tapestry of nature experiences, and their recognition in the prestigious Lonely Planet’s guide for Best in Travel 2024 is a testament to their allure. These carefully curated trails showcase Latvia’s diverse landscapes, providing immersive journeys through pristine forests, scenic coastlines, and picturesque countryside.

    Being featured in the Lonely Planet guide underscores the commitment of Baltic Trails to sustainable and responsible tourism. These trails not only lead travellers through Latvia’s breathtaking natural beauty but also emphasise conservation and eco-friendly practices. The inclusion in the guide reflects Latvia’s dedication to showcasing its unique natural assets while prioritising environmental stewardship.

    For nature enthusiasts and explorers, the Baltic Trails in Latvia promise a journey where every step unveils a new facet of the country’s ecological richness. Whether traversing ancient forests or meandering along the Baltic Sea, these trails offer an opportunity to appreciate Latvia’s natural wonders while aligning with global standards of sustainable and memorable travel.

  • Līgatne Nature Trails

    Līgatne Nature Trails offers a harmonious blend of immersive experiences and sustainable practices in the heart of Latvia. This pristine natural reserve invites visitors to explore its well-maintained trails, showcasing the country’s rich biodiversity while emphasising responsible tourism.

    The nature trails are designed with minimal environmental impact, providing a sustainable platform for both education and recreation. Guided tours offer insights into Latvia’s flora and fauna, fostering environmental awareness and conservation. Līgatne’s commitment to sustainability extends to waste reduction and preservation of the natural ecosystem.

    Visitors can embark on a journey through lush forests, encounter diverse wildlife, and appreciate the untouched beauty of Latvia. By choosing to explore Līgatne Nature Trails, individuals contribute to the preservation of this ecological gem, promoting responsible travel and ensuring that Latvia’s natural wonders endure for future generations to appreciate.

  • Electric Cars

    Embarking on a sustainable journey through Latvia is made seamless with the country’s commitment to electric mobility, exemplified by the initiative outlined in “Travel Electric Cars Latvia.” This forward-thinking project invites visitors to explore the country with minimal environmental impact, fostering eco-friendly travel practices.

    Latvia’s embrace of electric cars is not just a technological advancement but a commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting clean energy alternatives. The initiative provides a network of charging stations across the country, ensuring convenient access for electric vehicle users.

    Tourists opting for electric cars in Latvia enjoy not only the convenience of emission-free travel but also the opportunity to explore the nation’s diverse landscapes responsibly. From the vibrant streets of Riga to the serene countryside, electric cars facilitate a sustainable and enjoyable journey, aligning with Latvia’s dedication to environmental stewardship and a greener future.

  • Meža Dizaina Dārzs

    Meža Dizaina Dārzs is a horticultural gem that seamlessly blends artistry and nature. This botanical garden represents a unique destination where design meets the tranquillity of Latvia’s landscapes, offering visitors a captivating experience.

    Recognized for its distinctive charm, Meža Dizaina Dārzs is not just a garden; it’s a living canvas that displays innovative landscape design within Latvia’s natural backdrop. The careful curation of flora and artistic elements creates an immersive environment that harmonises with the surrounding woodlands.

    This celebrated spot encapsulates Latvia’s commitment to blending creativity with sustainability. Meža Dizaina Dārzs is more than a tourist attraction; it’s a testament to Latvia’s dedication to preserving and enhancing its natural beauty. As visitors stroll through this artfully crafted garden, they partake in a journey that encapsulates the spirit of Latvia’s cultural and environmental values, inviting all to appreciate the delicate interplay of design and nature.

  • Āgenskalns Market

    Āgenskalns Market stands as a vibrant hub in Latvia, offering a dynamic tapestry of local culture, flavours, and community spirit. This market, found on Latvia’s tourism platform, is a testament to the country’s commitment to promoting sustainable, local experiences.

    Nestled in the heart of Āgenskalns, Riga, this market goes beyond being a traditional shopping destination. It’s a lively gathering place where locals and visitors alike converge to explore the diverse offerings of Latvian artisans, farmers, and vendors. From fresh produce to handmade crafts, Āgenskalns Market encapsulates the essence of Latvia’s rich culinary and artisanal heritage.

    What makes Āgenskalns Market noteworthy is its emphasis on sustainability and supporting local businesses. Visitors are invited to engage in responsible tourism by choosing locally sourced products, contributing to the livelihoods of Latvian entrepreneurs. This market is not just a shopping experience; it’s an immersion into Latvia’s vibrant community life, echoing the nation’s dedication to fostering sustainable, authentic encounters for all who step into its bustling atmosphere.

  • Nature Tourism in Latvia

    “Places for Some Rest & Relaxation” presents an inviting collection of serene locations where travellers can unwind amidst Latvia’s natural beauty. This curated selection embodies Latvia’s commitment to promoting relaxation in sustainable and picturesque settings.

    These destinations, ranging from tranquil lakeside retreats to rejuvenating spa experiences, are carefully chosen to offer respite while maintaining a focus on responsible tourism. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in Latvia’s peaceful landscapes, contributing to a harmonious connection between wellness and nature.

    What sets these restful spots apart is their alignment with Latvia’s dedication to sustainability. Each location not only provides a haven for relaxation but also incorporates eco-friendly practices, ensuring that visitors can unwind while minimising their impact on the environment.

    For those seeking a retreat that harmonises with Latvia’s commitment to both relaxation and responsible tourism, “Places for Some Rest & Relaxation” offers a curated selection of havens where tranquillity meets sustainability.

  • Bogs in Latvia

    Latvian nature treasure – bogs, ranging from Ķemeri National Park to Dunika Bog, are not just picturesque natural wonders; they represent Latvia’s commitment to environmental preservation and responsible tourism. Visitors are encouraged to tread lightly, following designated trails and boardwalks to minimise their impact on these delicate ecosystems.

    What makes these bogs noteworthy is their role as havens for biodiversity and their reflection of Latvia’s dedication to conservation. The inclusion of these destinations in Latvia’s tourism guide emphasises the nation’s commitment to showcasing the beauty of its natural landscapes while fostering an understanding of the importance of sustainable tourism.

    For nature enthusiasts and those seeking a deeper connection with Latvia’s ecology, “Bogs Worth Visiting” offers a curated selection of destinations that highlight the country’s dedication to preserving its unique and fragile bog environments.

  • Pavāru Māja.

    Nestled in the tranquil Latvian countryside, Pāvaru Māja stands as a paragon of sustainable hospitality. This eco-friendly restaurant, surrounded by lush landscapes, harmonises modern comfort with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. Pāvaru Māja boasts energy-efficient technologies, locally sourced materials, and waste reduction initiatives, reflecting a dedication to minimising its ecological footprint.

    Notably, Pāvaru Māja has earned the prestigious Green Michelin Star, a symbol of its outstanding commitment to sustainable practices. This accolade signifies not only the restaurant’s impeccable service and hospitality but also its leadership in championing eco-conscious tourism. Visitors to Pāvaru Māja are welcomed into a haven where luxury and sustainability coexist seamlessly, offering a distinctive and responsible retreat in the heart of Latvia’s natural beauty.

  • Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery

    Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery stands as a beacon of sustainable brewing in the heart of Latvia. Nestled in a picturesque manor, this brewery is a testament to eco-conscious practices in the art of beer crafting. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Valmiermuiža sources organic, locally produced ingredients for its brews, minimising its environmental impact.

    The brewery’s dedication to green practices extends beyond ingredients to energy consumption and waste management. Solar panels adorn the brewery, harnessing renewable energy to power its operations. Waste reduction initiatives ensure that the brewing process remains eco-friendly, emphasising an integrated approach to sustainability.

    Visitors to Valmiermuiža not only savour exceptional craft beers but also witness firsthand the integration of traditional brewing methods with a modern, sustainable ethos. The brewery’s commitment to environmental stewardship sets a commendable standard for the industry, inviting beer enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite brews with a side of responsible consumption in Latvia’s lush and vibrant setting.


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