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Kadrina Mois, Tartu, Estonia

Kadrina Mois Hotel in Estonia offers a charming blend of historic elegance and modern comfort, providing travellers with a delightful retreat in the heart of Estonia’s picturesque countryside.

Kadrina Mois, Tartu, Estonia

About Kadrina Mois, Tartu, Estonia

Built in 1791 upon the order of Catherine the Great, Kadrina Manor is steeped in a rich and interesting history. Located in Kadrina Village of Tartu County, the guest house offers 19 cosy and comfortable rooms of unique character. Experience this authentic historical manor, located near the shores of Lake Peipsi.

It is housed in a renovated historic building, built in 1773, and offers rooms decorated in a classic Baroque style. Next to the mansion is a green park, where you can play football or volleyball. You can also practice fishing in a small lake. Lake Peipsi is famous for water sports, such as sailing, water skiing or wakeboarding. The hotel has three saunas, one indoor and two outdoor. It also provides you with a shared kitchen.

Hotel Kadrina Mois, Tartu, Estonia

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Kadrina Mois, Tartu, Estonia

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Hotel Kadrina Mois, Tartu, Estonia

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